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A SightMill case study from a small online retailer

January 2019

“Cause it’s awesome” – a SightMill case study from a small online retailer

We run a website that sells premium toys and baby gifts; we’re based in the UK but ship all over the world. Making sure that our website is as good as our products is vital to our long-term success.

Top 10 Ideas To Work More Closely With Your Promoters

January 2019

Now, unless you’re new to the world of NPS, you’ll probably understand that surveying your customers to collect NPS data is only one piece of the puzzle. The feedback you receive helps you understand what drives engagement for your customer base but also gives you a great opportunity to engage with, and delight, your customers who responded to your NPS survey.

SightMill Net Promoter Score software new feature roundup for 2018

2018 – Our Year in Review

Looking back over 2018, we’ve had a busy year onboarding new customers and releasing new features. If you’re new to SightMill, here’s a round-up of some of the key features that we developed last year. 

New SMS text message surveys help you gather feedback direct from mobile phones

December 2018

SightMill now supports SMS text message surveys! We’re delighted to report that we now let you gather feedback from customers by SMS text message.

Navigate feedback with ease with our new dashboard features

November 2018

We’ve had a busy early autumn and have released a new dashboard design that makes it easier to navigate and understand the feedback you’re gathering. And a huge thanks to all our customers who helped with feedback!

Spread out survey emails over a of period time with our email drip campaigns

October 2018

Sometimes you want to send out an email survey to all respondents in one hit, sometimes you want to drip feed it out to respondents over a period of weeks. Now, you can do either with our new email drip campaign feature

How your NPS score affects your bottom line

Sept 2018

Most managers and business owners understand, on an intuitive level, that customer satisfaction leads to better business. When someone has a positive experience with your brand, they become a loyal customer, and they come back to repurchase from your brand again and again.

Keeping track of responses to customer feedback

August 2018

To help you track which team member has contacted your customers, we've added a couple of features that let you add a comment (for internal use only) to any customer feedback and to mark it as 'completed' if a team member has finished the follow-up.

The difference between your promoters and detractors

July 2018

Here’s the biggest mistake that business owners and customer service managers make in the context of NPS scores: they focus too much on the absolute scores, and fail to look at the bigger picture. 

Effective ways to collect feedback from your website visitors

June 2018

You’ve provided us with great feedback for new features and, as a result, I’m delighted to report that we’ve just released a couple of great new features that you’ve requested and really enhance NPS surveys on your website.