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CSAT surveys help you understand customer satisfaction

Apr 2022

CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) surveys are designed to help you understand how satisfied customers are with your products or services and generates actionable insights to help you make improvements and so improve satisfaction.

CES surveys help you understand how to improve the efficiency of a product or service

Feb 2022

CES (Customer Effort Score) surveys are specifically designed to help you improve elements of your customer’s interaction with your organisation. It helps you understand how difficult it is for a customer to carry out a particular task so you can improve and make it easier for your customers.

Save time creating new survey projects with the new duplicate feature

Jan 2022

Need to create a new survey Project with all your settings and designs? It’s quick and easy to copy a complete Project with the new duplicate feature in SightMill.

Understand and view customer satisfaction by geographic region and city or country

Dec 2021

So many of our customers organise their businesses with a geographic focus, it made perfect sense to launch a mapping feature to allow you to view your customer satisfaction scores by city, region or country. 

Sending SightMill NPS surveys using another email provider

May 2021

It’s easy to send out email surveys using your own email provider rather than from SightMill and this can be very useful if you have a complex preference centre, data privacy restrictions or do not have the time to setup SightMill as a new email platform.

More flexibility for bespoke integrations with enhanced capabilities of our REST API

Apr 2021

We’ve recently significantly enhanced our REST API and it’s now even more powerful to support all our survey formats and allow any other compatible software to either ask SightMill to send out surveys or extract survey results data.

New integration released with AroFlo connected to SightMill

Mar 2021

We’ve released the latest of our integrations – connecting AroFlo with SightMill – and allowing any business that uses the popular AroFlo service management platform to send out customer surveys automatically once a service job has been completed.

New Keyword feature helps our users understand their customer feedback

Feb 2021

We’ve been listening to our customers and adding new features over the last few months. One of the most requested has been keyword analysis that helps marketing, product and business teams better understand the sentiment and meaning of the customer feedback.

Enhanced API tools to integrate NPS surveys with your applications

July 2020

Many of our customers integrate SightMill in to their workflows and use our APIs to help automate the process of sending out surveys and processing the results. For more advanced custom integrations, we've recently completed a major upgrade to our API services - especially our powerful REST API - that gives advanced users and developers complete control over the way their applications connect to SightMill.

Personalising your email surveys

January 2020

Personalising your customer feedback survey emails makes a big difference to the tone and style and can really improve your response rates. We support a couple of enhanced features that you might want to consider using. These are merge fields that take information from your email data list and merge it into the survey email.