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Embedding a survey in a web page

Oct 2020

We’ve added a new feature to give you more flexibility on how you can add feedback surveys to your website. You can now embed a survey directly within a webpage (any page, with support for Wordpress) by adding one simple line to your webpage. This gives you three ways to add a survey to your website.

Delivering positive customer reviews

Sept 2020

Delivering great customer satisfaction is incredibly important for any growing or successful business and one of the tangible outputs are positive reviews of your products or services. And SightMill can help you deliver more positive reviews on some of the biggest sites such as TrustPilot and ConsumerAffairs.

Customer satisfaction feedback works best when embedded in your workflow

November 2019

Net Promoter Score programmes work best when they are embedded in your processes and workflows. Instead of setting up an occasional survey to go out to existing customers, you should make sure you try and gather feedback at all the key points - and then automate the process. SightMill's enhanced support for webhooks helps save you time and improves consistency.

Manually enter customer contact details and feedback

October 2019

Thanks to a great suggestion from one of our customers, we have added a new feature that allows you to manually enter a new customer record, NPS score and comments. This is perfect for recording feedback during a telephone call or for telephone-based operators – either customer service, sales or support. 

View detail customer data with every survey response

July 2019

We've launched a new view in SightMill that allows you to see detailed data about your customers together with their feedback - allowing you to better understand how customer experience differs by segment, by product, region or even by sales rep.

New SMS text message surveys help you gather feedback direct from mobile phones

December 2018

SightMill now supports SMS text message surveys! We’re delighted to report that we now let you gather feedback from customers by SMS text message.

Navigate feedback with ease with our new dashboard features

November 2018

We’ve had a busy early autumn and have released a new dashboard design that makes it easier to navigate and understand the feedback you’re gathering. And a huge thanks to all our customers who helped with feedback!

Spread out survey emails over a of period time with our email drip campaigns

October 2018

Sometimes you want to send out an email survey to all respondents in one hit, sometimes you want to drip feed it out to respondents over a period of weeks. Now, you can do either with our new email drip campaign feature

Keeping track of responses to customer feedback

August 2018

To help you track which team member has contacted your customers, we've added a couple of features that let you add a comment (for internal use only) to any customer feedback and to mark it as 'completed' if a team member has finished the follow-up.

Automatically Tag Customer Comments

November 2017

It's great to be able to release new features that really help you save time and can improve your understanding of what can help improve customer engagement. So we're delighted to launch our automated tagging feature that lets you setup rules to apply tags to customer feedback comments and verbatims. Sounds simple - and for any of our Net Promoter Score software users, it's a real time-saver!