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Using QR codes for customer feedback NPS surveys

Aug 2021

If you need a quick, convenient way to ask for feedback at a cafe, in a university class, at a gym, or even on a device like a vending machine, then using a QR code to access customer NPS surveys could be the perfect solution.

What is a good survey response rate

December 2019

What's a good response rate to customer surveys? And can I improve the response rate? These are two questions we're often asked - both at the start of onboarding a new customer and after a month or two as they assess their surveys. The response rates will vary (a lot) by the format and channel that you use to send out your surveys. In this post, we're looking at our view of what to expect on responses - and our top tips to help improve your rates.

Top 10 Ideas To Work More Closely With Your Promoters

January 2019

Now, unless you’re new to the world of NPS, you’ll probably understand that surveying your customers to collect NPS data is only one piece of the puzzle. The feedback you receive helps you understand what drives engagement for your customer base but also gives you a great opportunity to engage with, and delight, your customers who responded to your NPS survey.