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How publishers focus on customer satisfaction to improve retention

Feb 2021

Publishers delivering unique content to their readers and subscribers are focusing on the customer experience for their end-readers. Regardless if there’s a subscriber paywall or if you’re relying on advertising and sponsorship, you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience to retain existing users and gain new users.

Customer Metrics Are Critical For B2B Software Companies

Jan 2021

With more and more B2B software businesses looking to implement an agile approach to development, we wanted to look at how to ensure customer requirements and feedback form an integral part of this approach. Agile is a great methodology that's become a key part of most development teams and product managers: it's all quick reactions, often small iterative changes...

How to Increase Sales With Great Customer Experience

December 2020

How do you think the customer experience you offer contributes to the success of your business?

If you thought about customer service and ‘damage limitation’, you could be missing out on some major revenue potential. 

A guide for product managers to using NPS customer feedback

Nov 2020

As a product manager, you’re always listening to your customers, understanding the problems they’re facing and translating this insight to improve your product. It’s going to be part of your responsibilities to understand and track how customers use your products and seeing how small fixes and changes to your product can improve the experience.

Using Customer Metrics for Business Growth

October 2020

Customer experience is the new battlefield. In 2020, more than two-thirds of companies say they compete primarily on customer experience - a figure that has nearly doubled over the past decade.

10 reasons why growth businesses should invest in customer experience

June 2020

Customer experience is key to the growth of successful business. We passionately believe that the focus on customer experience is essential – with research showing that companies that put this first outperform their competitors by three times. 

Using metrics and data to drive your customer marketing

May 2020

Are you making the best use of the data available to you? Right now, marketing, sales and customer service teams have access to an explosion of data sources to track that can help improve and enhance a campaign or business process and you’ve got an opportunity to look at and optimise the metrics that drive the online part of your business. 

20 marketing tools to help improve customer insight

April 2020

Your customers are the life-blood of your business and you need to understand their pain-points and needs to enable many elements of your business to work: without insight, it’s hard to engage and your campaigns will have poor response rates. Luckily, there are hundreds of software tools available that can help improve your customer insight and interactions. From identifying potential new customers through to getting feedback from existing customers.

21 Great ideas to enhance and improve your customer service

March 2020

Looking to improve your customer service offering? Here’s our list of 21 great ideas that will help you find new ways to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction. We work with many CS teams across our customer base and these discussions and meetings have helped us put together these quickfire top-tips as a starting point for your plans.

10 ideas on how to embed customer feedback in your organisation

February 2020

We spend a lot of time listening to and working with our customers to help them plan and implement great customer feedback and employee engagement systems. A common theme in many of the planning meetings is 'now what': you have a way of gathering feedback and converting into a single metric (NPS)... now how do you get the rest of the business to buy-in to the process and strategy?