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How your NPS score affects your bottom line

Sept 2018

Most managers and business owners understand, on an intuitive level, that customer satisfaction leads to better business. When someone has a positive experience with your brand, they become a loyal customer, and they come back to repurchase from your brand again and again.

The difference between your promoters and detractors

July 2018

Here’s the biggest mistake that business owners and customer service managers make in the context of NPS scores: they focus too much on the absolute scores, and fail to look at the bigger picture. 

Nurturing Organic Referrals Using Net Promoter Score

March 2018

It’s a great moment when you see that your current customers have started to promote your brand and products and nurturing these organic referrals is a pivotal step for growing your business.

Unlike traditional nurturing strategies, using the existing customer feedback (and in this case the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework) pinpoints your audience’s interactions...

Growing Your Business Through Great Customer Service

February 2018

You’ve been focussed on establishing your business and now have regular customers, a great team who are passionate about your brand and products, and your sights set on growing to the next stage. 

A good way to accelerate is to focus everyone in your company on customer service. If you can delight your customers, you will find that they soon become your best marketing channel... 

SaaS Startups Benefit from Using Net Promoter Score

October 2017

Are your customers satisfied?

SaaS companies are agile in evolving their products and processes. To help drive product development, you need customer feedback to uncover pain points and prioritize feature requests.