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Planning improvements in customer experience

June 2022

If your organisation has started to focus on customer experience, you are already heading for a positive outcome. To maximise your chance of success, it’s well worth putting together a plan – partly so you and your team can be sure you have covered all the topics but also to allow you to communicate and involve other teams across the business.

Create dashboards in BI or Tableau of your customer satisfaction data

May 2022

If your organisation uses Microsoft BI or Tableau as a reporting tool to create dashboards from various data sources, then you can easily add a module to view customer satisfaction or NPS scores by accessing SightMill data directly from your BI tool.

SMS surveys and specific country requirements

Mar 2022

Gathering feedback using SMS text messages is a very quick and effective way to reach your customers. There are a few important topics to consider, especially around regulations and governance that either prevent or limit business text messages in various countries.

How to ask for and respond to customer reviews

Nov 2021

Customer reviews have never been more powerful through a combination of the validation new customers expect to see before purchasing together with their ability to find reviews of your products and services, both positive and negative.

Ten email and online marketing trends post pandemic

Sept 2021

The Coronavirus global pandemic has changed the face of business and engagement with staff and customers forever. Working from home (WFH) has been a necessity for so many workers and has now become a norm in some industries – but marketing to this audience is hard. 

10 Ways to Turn a Difficult Customer into a Promoter

July 2021

Isn’t it always the way that the unhappy customer tends to shout the loudest and which organisation dares risk a negative online review

How publishers focus on customer satisfaction to improve retention

Feb 2021

Publishers delivering unique content to their readers and subscribers are focusing on the customer experience for their end-readers. Regardless if there’s a subscriber paywall or if you’re relying on advertising and sponsorship, you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience to retain existing users and gain new users.

Customer Metrics Are Critical For B2B Software Companies

Jan 2021

With more and more B2B software businesses looking to implement an agile approach to development, we wanted to look at how to ensure customer requirements and feedback form an integral part of this approach. Agile is a great methodology that's become a key part of most development teams and product managers: it's all quick reactions, often small iterative changes...

How to Increase Sales With Great Customer Experience

December 2020

How do you think the customer experience you offer contributes to the success of your business?

If you thought about customer service and ‘damage limitation’, you could be missing out on some major revenue potential. 

A guide for product managers to using NPS customer feedback

Nov 2020

As a product manager, you’re always listening to your customers, understanding the problems they’re facing and translating this insight to improve your product. It’s going to be part of your responsibilities to understand and track how customers use your products and seeing how small fixes and changes to your product can improve the experience.