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Net Promoter Score® survey software to gather, measure and act on customer feedback.

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Gather, Measure, and Act on Customer Feedback

SightMill makes it easy to setup customer feedback surveys using the industry-standard NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) framework.
  Share feedback with your teams in real-time to react fast to feedback and so improve customer experience.
  Add NPS surveys to your website, send surveys via email, deliver surveys at a live event, or survey your employees.
  Create your free trial account and start receiving customer feedback now.

Gather Customer Feedback

Great Response Rates with Flexible NPS Survey Delivery

Reach your customers effectively and gather feedback across your product range, your websites, and even at events.
  You choose how and when to ask for feedback then let SightMill manage the process. Setup on any page of your website or app with NPS surveys, send email NPS surveys, request feedback through conference or event NPS surveys, or send eNPS surveys to your employees.

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Measure Responses, Uncover Trends

Uncover trends that influence customer engagement

Use SightMill to measure and analyze your customer responses; segment your audience, profile and tag responses, and discover trends that influence your customer engagement.
  And we automate these processes to save you time and ensure you focus on the results.

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Act on Customer Feedback

Customer feedback direct to your teams in real-time

SightMill automatically routes customer feedback to your teams, in real time.
  We've built-in smart tools so your teams see relevant feedback and can act immediately to improve the customer experience.
  We directly integrate with Google Analytics, Slack, and Zapier (so connecting to 100s of CRMs, email marketing tools, and platforms) to keep you connected.

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Start your Free Trial and use Net Promoter Score surveys to help improve your Customer Satisfaction

Make SightMill the heart of your Customer Engagement

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