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All your customer feedback in one place: email surveys, website surveys, SMS surveys, and event feedback.

Acting on customer feedback will help you improve customer happiness, deliver better service and improve your products.

We make it easy for you to manage customer feedback surveys by email, on your website or at events. Take the tour.

Trusted by startups to global corporations, we're GDPR-compliant and ready to help any size company implement effective customer feedback using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) methodology.

Used and trusted by great customer-focussed brands including:

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All your customer feedback in one dashboard

One platform for all your customer feedback via email, on your website and at events.

Reach your customers effectively using NPS surveys delivered by email, within your website, by SMS, and even at events.
You choose how and when to ask for feedback then let SightMill manage the process.

SightMill Net Promoter Score survey shows customer feedback via email, website or event

Find out what really drives customer happiness

Discover the real impact of changes in product, price, or engagement

Use our tools to segment your customers in any way you want: Compare results between, for example, users of different products, customers with different sales reps, price points and much more.
  Automatically tag customer comments according to what they say, adding even more depth to your insight.
  And we automate all these processes to save you time and ensure you focus on changing and improving the customer experience.

View customer feedback NPS survey results on your mobile

We Help You Act Quickly on Customer Feedback

Save time, act quickly - we automate routing customer feedback in real-time

There's a huge positive impact if you can respond to customer feedback and complaints in real-time.
  SightMill automatically routes customer feedback to the right teams.
  Your teams see only the relevant feedback and can act immediately to improve the customer experience.
  Add NPS surveys to your existing email or CRM system - we integrate with Zendesk, Salesforce, WordPress, Slack, and Zapier (so connecting to 100s of CRMs, email marketing tools, and platforms) to keep you connected.

Add Net Promoter Score surveys to email and CRM

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