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New integration released with AroFlo connected to SightMill

Mar 2021

We’ve released the latest of our integrations – connecting AroFlo with SightMill – and allowing any business that uses the popular AroFlo service management platform to send out customer surveys automatically once a service job has been completed.

How publishers focus on customer satisfaction to improve retention

Feb 2021

Publishers delivering unique content to their readers and subscribers are focusing on the customer experience for their end-readers. Regardless if there’s a subscriber paywall or if you’re relying on advertising and sponsorship, you need to deliver a fantastic customer experience to retain existing users and gain new users.

New Keyword feature helps our users understand their customer feedback

Feb 2021

We’ve been listening to our customers and adding new features over the last few months. One of the most requested has been keyword analysis that helps marketing, product and business teams better understand the sentiment and meaning of the customer feedback.

Customer Metrics Are Critical For B2B Software Companies

Jan 2021

With more and more B2B software businesses looking to implement an agile approach to development, we wanted to look at how to ensure customer requirements and feedback form an integral part of this approach. Agile is a great methodology that's become a key part of most development teams and product managers: it's all quick reactions, often small iterative changes...

How to Increase Sales With Great Customer Experience

December 2020

How do you think the customer experience you offer contributes to the success of your business?

If you thought about customer service and ‘damage limitation’, you could be missing out on some major revenue potential. 

A guide for product managers to using NPS customer feedback

Nov 2020

As a product manager, you’re always listening to your customers, understanding the problems they’re facing and translating this insight to improve your product. It’s going to be part of your responsibilities to understand and track how customers use your products and seeing how small fixes and changes to your product can improve the experience.

Embedding a survey in a web page

Oct 2020

We’ve added a new feature to give you more flexibility on how you can add feedback surveys to your website. You can now embed a survey directly within a webpage (any page, with support for Wordpress) by adding one simple line to your webpage. This gives you three ways to add a survey to your website.

Using Customer Metrics for Business Growth

October 2020

Customer experience is the new battlefield. In 2020, more than two-thirds of companies say they compete primarily on customer experience - a figure that has nearly doubled over the past decade.

Delivering positive customer reviews

Sept 2020

Delivering great customer satisfaction is incredibly important for any growing or successful business and one of the tangible outputs are positive reviews of your products or services. And SightMill can help you deliver more positive reviews on some of the biggest sites such as TrustPilot and ConsumerAffairs.

Enhanced API tools to integrate NPS surveys with your applications

July 2020

Many of our customers integrate SightMill in to their workflows and use our APIs to help automate the process of sending out surveys and processing the results. For more advanced custom integrations, we've recently completed a major upgrade to our API services - especially our powerful REST API - that gives advanced users and developers complete control over the way their applications connect to SightMill.