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How investing in customer feedback software pays off

June 2019

Are you considering customer feedback software? You know it’ll provide great, actionable feedback to improve your customer experience or help improve employee retention, but perhaps you are unsure how to justify the cost or how to determine if it’s a worthwhile investment.

NPS driving best practice customer service from Rackspace

May 2019

Security was a must-have when we chose a technology provider to manage our servers, however, one of the other key reasons we chose Rackspace is its focus on a customer-centric approach, using Net Promoter Score at the heart of its strategy. For us, it made perfect sense for an NPS software provider like SightMill to partner with an NPS-focussed company like Rackspace!

Send NPS surveys to and from 1000s of software products

April 2019

Connecting SightMill directly to your business software will automate the process of sending surveys or receiving survey results – saving your time and effort. We support two APIs and support for a Salesforce; now we have launched our Zapier application to connect to 1000s of software products from CRMs to helpdesk, invoicing to spreadsheets.

A SightMill case study from a leading mutual housing exchange service

April 2019

Case study: HomeSwapper is the UK’s leading mutual housing exchange service with over 450 paying landlords and more than 250,000 active users. HomeSwapper turned to SightMill to measure customer satisfaction using Net Promoter Score. Here's how it worked.

Customer Experience Blogs to Follow

March 2019

To give you a broader view from some of the best bloggers on the subject, we've put together a round-up of the top customer experience blogs that we’re sure you'll find useful.

A SightMill Case Study From An Education eLearning Company

February 2019

Case Study: Education providers are fast becoming leaders in the use of NPS, especially E-learning companies.  We asked one of our customers in this sector to tell us why NPS has been so fundamentally valuable to their growth and development.

Using NPS for accountants and accountancy firms

February 2019

How using feedback can improve business results for accountancy firms

We're delighted that SightMill has been featured by the ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants).

A SightMill case study from a small online retailer

January 2019

“Cause it’s awesome” – a SightMill case study from a small online retailer

We run a website that sells premium toys and baby gifts; we’re based in the UK but ship all over the world. Making sure that our website is as good as our products is vital to our long-term success.

Top 10 Ideas To Work More Closely With Your Promoters

January 2019

Now, unless you’re new to the world of NPS, you’ll probably understand that surveying your customers to collect NPS data is only one piece of the puzzle. The feedback you receive helps you understand what drives engagement for your customer base but also gives you a great opportunity to engage with, and delight, your customers who responded to your NPS survey.

SightMill Net Promoter Score software new feature roundup for 2018

2018 – Our Year in Review

Looking back over 2018, we’ve had a busy year onboarding new customers and releasing new features. If you’re new to SightMill, here’s a round-up of some of the key features that we developed last year.