Customer satisfaction feedback works best when embedded in your workflow

November 2019

Net Promoter Score feedback and customer satisfaction programmes across your organisation work best when they are embedded in your processes and workflows. 

In practice, this means that instead of setting up an occasional survey to go out to existing customers, you should make sure you try and gather feedback at all the key points - and then automate the process.

The ideal setup would be to ensure you can gather consistent customer feedback from your CRM, helpdesk system, finance system, employee management system, or your website.

Linking all these together sounds like a headache, but with a little basic planning and SightMill integrations, it becomes really straightforward. 
We’ve been enhancing our webhooks feature over the last year and it is now helps integrate into all parts of our SightMill platform.
written about how to links software using our Zapier app, and our direct support for products like Salesforce, however if your software is not currently included on our list there’s still a good chance you can connect using our industry-standard APIs.

What are webhooks ?

As well as our range of integrations, SightMill supports two APIs that link together software platforms. One of the simplest is the open standard called webhooks. Our webhook API is a simple, industry-standard method of linking different systems together to let you send out an NPS survey in response to something that happens on a different system.

For example, you could:
  • Link your helpdesk system to SightMill using webhooks to send a survey after a support ticket is closed. Read more
  • Or you could send a survey when a purchase is made on your website. Read more
  • Or send a survey response from a customer to a Slack channel. Read more

What can you do with Webhooks ?

The SightMill webhooks support lets you:
1. send out an email survey in response to an incoming software request
2. send out an SMS survey in response to an incoming software request
3. add a new contact (that is then included in a scheduled survey) using data sent over via a software request
4. send a survey response from a customer back to another software product

With these four main features you can effectively control all of the key SightMill functions from another software product (such as a CRM, helpdesk, accounts software or your website).

Delay your survey: In addition to these four main features, the email webhooks function supports a delay feature - so you can setup your email to go out a certain number of hours after the webhooks request is received.

Is Webhooks included in my plan ?

All SightMill plans (including the free trial plan) support webhooks, so you can test out linking together your platforms.

Where do I find out more?

We’re always available to help, plus we have a range of technical articles for users confident in setting up basic connections, or developers who want to build connections to SightMill from their software: look at our help site at

What’s the format for webhooks ?

The webhooks forward is very simple and lets you transfer data to and from SightMill using a set of standard requests plus your unique key. 
The data that’s transferred is described in more detail at: