Features of SightMill Net Promoter Score Software

Designed for businesses of any size to help you understand and improve your customer engagement.

1. Ask your Customers for Feedback


Email: Send clear, responsive email surveys supporting 1-click feedback

Branded: send surveys from your domain name and email address; customize and personalize the emails. Or embed our surveys in email marketing software.

High response rates: using our 1-click feedback that registers customer scores without leaving their email software.

Managed: schedule email delivery to your needs, manage multiple data lists, personalise emails, link to your CRM.

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Website: Add feedback surveys to your website in minutes

Quick setup: easy to install on a page of your website (or use our WordPress plugin); avoid survey-overload with display rules.

Customized: change the text, look and feel of your web surveys; ask different follow-up questions based on scores.

Social proof: drive reviews and recomendations by encouraging promoters to leave reviews or post to social media.

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SMS: Deliver NPS surveys via SMS

Setup: upload your customer contact details or connect to your CRM and you're ready to go

Customize: change the text of the main SMS message; setup different follow-up questions based on scores.

Engage: engage with your customers using their mobile phones with great response rates.

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Events: Deploy surveys for events with > 80% response rates

Great response rates: forget paper, ask event delegates to use their phones - no app to download and takes seconds to complete.

Training, conferences: quick to setup and customize - event organizers can create feedback surveys in minutes.

Track and improve: tag responses by venue, by price, food or topic; or give speakers access to their session results.

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2. Analyze NPS Results to Identify What Drives Improvements


Tag customer feedback to track by product, by rep, by region.

Bring order: every feedback can have tags; use tags to identify segments or groups and help organize your feedback.

Save time: add tags from your e-commerce site, from CRM, or use our Auto-Tag to add tags to feedback as its submitted.

What's driving results: see a leaderboard of the top tags by promoter and detractor to identify themes.

Link your CRM, export data or use our trend analysis tools.

Connected: exchange data between systems; we link with 100s of products via industry-standard webhooks or Zapier.

Your data: it's your data; import in if changing NPS platform or export out - or store securely with SightMill.

Understanding data: we include tools, tables, and graphs to help you understand your data and identify and act on trends.

View results in real-time or with historic analysis

Real-time results: always up-to-date; view your latest feedback and scores in real-time from your dashboard.

What influences customers: view historic graphs to see improvements as a result of your campaigns and actions.

Compare and learn: what influences your customers? Use graphical analysis and tags to see themes.

3. Act on Feedback in Real-Time to Delight Your Customers


Workflows will route feedback to the right team or department.

Your teams stay informed: our workflow feature automatically routes relevant feedback to the right team in real-time.

Works with your software: we fit right in with Slack or other team tools, or use email to keep everyone updated.

Team access: we love teams to have access to results so all plans have generous user licences - setup multiple users in an instant.

Respond to feedback in real-time and delight customers.

Real-time alerts: want to know the instant key customer groups or detractors share feedback? We can alert you or your teams.

Responsive: detractors can be converted to promoters if you deal with issues quickly - we help you with instant alerts.

Web follow-up: cusomize follow-up messages that thanks promoters or encourages positive actions.

Drive recommendations with social posting and review sites.

Social media: ask a promoter if they would like to share their support via social media - we see great results.

Drive reviews: ask promoters to support you via review sites such as Trust Pilot with our built-in features.

Promoter support: our features ensure you can leverage your promoters' support to help product and brand success.

Gather Customer Feedback

Use SightMill to effectively gather customer feedback using Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys. Display surveys directly on your website, send surveys by email, gather employee eNPS, or ask for instant feedback at events, training and conferences.

Measure and Analyze

Agile startups, established product developers and large corporations use NPS as a metric, and use SightMill to constantly monitor the impact of changes and uncover what influences your customers so helping improve customer experience.

Act on Feedback

Make sure your teams see customer feedback in real-time. To help make this happen, use our workflow feature to automatically route a customer's feedback to the correct team. Route feedback by email or post directly to Slack or to your CRM through integration.

NPS Surveys on your Website

Display NPS surveys on your website; add to any page or use our WordPress plugin and customize the style and language. Display across all browsers with easy setup. Read more about NPS on your website.

NPS Surveys via Email

Deliver high-response rate NPS surveys to existing customers by email, SightMill provides attractive, personalised email surveys sent out to your specific schedule. Read more about NPS by email.

Feedback at your Events and Training

Unique to SightMill - ask delegates to complete NPS surveys at your live event, directly from their smartphones. Perfect for training, events and conferences. Read more about NPS at events.

Employee eNPS Surveys

Use SightMill to deliver eNPS email surveys to your employees. Measure and improve employee loyalty with secure, anonymized feedback from your teams. Read more about eNPS employee surveys.

Teams Stay Informed

Using our workflow automation, link SightMill to your CRM or team collaboration tools so the right team knows the moment there's a promoter or detractor comment.

Track Analytics

If you use Google Analytics, you can integrate GA to SightMill directly so you can see promoter or detractor activity with website usage. Great for linking NPS to A/B testing experiments!

NPS Trends

SightMill's clear dashboard includes built-in trend tools with daily, monthly, 3month and 12month rolling averages, plus you import or export data anytime or integrate to your CRM system.

Verbatims Made Simple

Customer feedback texts are powerful insights and in SightMill you can use tags to organize the feedback by theme or groups and see trends by these specific themes.

Flexible and Powerful

SightMill customers use our platform in creative ways: for student evaluation, for driving sales performance, for tracking internal EOS employee surveys, exit interviews and more!

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