Personalising your email surveys

January 2020

Personalising your customer feedback survey emails makes a big difference to the tone and style and can really improve your response rates. We support a couple of enhanced features that you might want to consider using. These are merge fields that take information from your email data list and merge it into the survey email.

We've enhanced this feature to work in both emails and the email subject line. The most commonly-used fields are [firstname] and [lastname] which you can use in the body of your email by inserting them into the text. For example:

   Dear [firstname], we would really appreciate your feedback about your recent call to our support team.

The data to merge in with your email is pulled from your contact data list (in Settings/Email Data List) which you can provide by uploading a CSV file or manually add a new contact, or use our API to link to your CRM or helpdesk systems.

If the contact has an empty firstname field, their email address is displayed instead.

If the contact data is:
Firstname = John
Email =
Then using ‘Dear [firstname]’ in your email survey would display ‘Dear John’

Whereas if the contact data is:
Firstname = 
Email =
Then using ‘Dear [firstname]’ in your email survey would display ‘Dear’

Personalising Email Subject Lines

You can use the same [firstname] merge field in your email subject lines – this lets your emails stand out with a subject line that reads ‘Hey John – We would love your feedback’ or similar. 

To use this feature, just include the [firstname] tag in the Subject field in Settings/Email Survey Design:

  Hey [firsname] – we would love your feedback

Using either of these techniques to personalise your email surveys should deliver higher response rates - and definitely improves engagement.

We hope you find these additional features enhance your setup – and we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch if you have any suggestions or feedback.