10 ideas on how to embed customer feedback in your organisation

February 2020

We spend a lot of time listening to and working with our customers to help them plan and implement great customer feedback and employee engagement systems. A common theme in many of the planning meetings is 'now what': you have a way of gathering feedback and converting into a single metric (NPS)... now how do you get the rest of the business to buy-in to the process and strategy?

It's a great first step to decide that listening to customer feedback is essential however, if nothing can be achieved as a result of the insights and feedback or teams are not empowered to act on the feedback, then it will very quickly become a problem.

Align your business - get your ducks in a row

If your business is not aligned around your plans to implement customer feedback plans, then this can easily create a problem: you will have set customer expectations that you're ready to listen to their feedback and ideas, then you don't act on this feedback to solve problems and improve your products, services and business.

So one of the key questions is what to do with the metrics once they've been established and regularly measured. Exactly how can you embed this NPS metric and the concept of customer satisfaction within your organisation? It's important because without a clear plan, teams might not feel empowered to deal with feedback and might not focus on this single metric.

We put together this quick list of the top ten ideas to help you answer the question of how to embed NPS in your organisation. 

  1. Add a KPO to improve the NPS for all senior leadership and managers
  2. Deliver a regular monthly report on NPS and customer satisfaction themes at senior leadership / board meeting along with other metrics
  3. Run regular monthly analysis sessions on successes to improve customer experience – deliver these as an email or better still at team stand-up/town-hall
  4. Ensure any key themes or areas that have a low NPS response rate or low NPS score get assigned to a senior leader for focus
  5. Arrange regular manager round-tables to brainstorm which actions have helped influence NPS
  6. Product teams should distribute all NPS scores and feedback comments to product managers and product-marketing to help understand and resolve pain points
  7. Sales and marketing teams should have NPS scores of feedback of customers before visiting or speaking to the customer (and feedback after the visit to all teams)
  8. Add team-wide actions to broadcast feedback to the correct teams in real-time: ensuring customer scores and verbatim comments are distributed to teams
  9. Agree guidelines about what teams can do and can offer to help resolve problems (eg a policy about offering discounts, etc)
  10. Look at pricing and NPS trends to see how price versus value perception of products or services relate to customer satisfaction

Each of these ten ideas is easily worthy of a blog post or longer-form article (which we're working on!), and if you've ideas, comments, or any feedback we would love to hear from you to add to and improve this list.

And if you're interested in discussing how we might be able to help your business, just get in touch!