Connect to more platforms with enhanced Zapier integration

Oct 2021

Save time and effort by automating your customer feedback. Connect your existing software to SightMill using our enhanced integration to support a wider range of surveys, formats and platforms.

We have pre-built a range of connections, supporting a wide variety of platforms from Salesforce to Zoho CRM; from Google Sheets to Quickbooks. And now use new survey formats with SightMill including SMS text message surveys as well as email and website surveys.

For example, it’s now really quick and easy to send out SMS text message surveys after a helpdesk ticket has closed, or when a contact has been sent an invoice. Using and the SightMill app, you can setup powerful integrations with just a few clicks using Zapier’s visual integration tool. 

For more complex integrations, you can use the powerful REST API or that are part of every SightMill account – for example, to display your feedback score trends in Microsoft BI or Tableau, use our REST API. To link proprietary software to SightMill you can use either of our open-standard APIs to create your own custom setup.