Save time creating new survey projects with the new duplicate feature


Jan 2022

Need to create a new survey Project with all your settings and designs? It’s quick and easy to copy a complete Project with the new duplicate feature in SightMill.

We know it takes time to setup a new survey, especially fine-tuning your designs, text, and settings. If you need to create a couple of extra projects to test a new market or provide feedback for another product, you can now easily create duplicates of a project – copying across all your settings.

Login and go to your Projects view in your account, on the right hand side you’ll see a new yellow icon that lets you create a duplicate of the project. Click this, a quick summary is displayed, and if you click OK a new copy is created.

You can rename the new copy from Project/Settings/General menu option.

Note that the duplication feature does not copy your data or any responses – just the design, text and settings.