Understand and view customer satisfaction by geographic region and city or country


Dec 2021

So many of our customers organise their businesses with a geographic focus, it made perfect sense to launch a mapping feature to allow you to view your customer satisfaction scores by city, region or country.

If you have multiple offices or organise your customer sales and marketing by region, why not view the sentiment in the same way? Now you can – with the ability to see how promoters, passives and detractors are arranged on a map.

You can quickly and easily see if there are specific cities packed with green markers to show promoters, or if one region (county or state depending on your country) that has more red markers showing detractors. It’ll help you understand if there’s a possible reason behind this grouping – maybe a great sales person covers the region or you have specific marketing to a city.

This feature is available on all accounts but by default it’s switched off. You’ll need to make sure that your privacy policy allows you to use customer details to locate them; if your policy allows this, toggle the feature on (in Projects/Settings/General) and you’ll see a new Geography page tab appear in your dashboard. This tab lets you see a visual map and a table of top cities, regions and countries.

Using this feature you can better understand your customers, their view of your products and how their interact in different ways with your team, your marketing and communications depending on location.