More flexibility for bespoke integrations with enhanced capabilities of our REST API

Apr 2021

We’ve recently significantly enhanced our REST API and it’s now even more powerful to support all our survey formats and allow any other compatible software to either ask SightMill to send out surveys or extract survey results data.

Most of our customers integrate SightMill with their existing platforms and software – to help automate the processes and help understand the customer experience at every touch-point with their business.

There are a range of different ways to connect SightMill with other software including Zapier and Aroflo interfaces, along with two more technical ways of doing this through use of our APIs that provide industry standard interfaces that can help link our software to yours. We offer two different APIs (Webhooks API and REST API) for different requirements.

Our Webhooks API is normally used as a quick, convenient way to link software that generates actions – for example a helpdesk system where you’d like to send out a survey after a support ticket is closed or an e-commerce platform that sends out a survey after an order has been placed. 

Our REST API is normally used for bulk data transfer – for example, to connect a reporting platform to SightMill to display on a company dashboard the survey results for the last six months or a CRM system to send out surveys to a list of contacts on the first of the month. The REST API is a great way for administrators or developers to create bespoke connections to SightMill. 

We have upgraded the commands and scope on offer within the API so you can now access all types of survey format and retrieve results. We've enhanced the command set but it still follows open industry-standard formats and commands. 

If you’re a developer or admin take a look at the developer API help centre with examples of all the API queries and results data and start a new project.