Sending SightMill NPS surveys using another email provider


May 2021

It’s easy to send out email surveys using your own email provider rather than from SightMill and this can be very useful if you have a complex preference centre, data privacy restrictions or do not have the time to setup SightMill as a new email platform.

SightMill can send out emails for you – most of our customers use SightMill in this way, by either uploading their contact lists into our platform or by connecting SightMill to their CRM or data source. However, if you already send your customers an email newsletter using a platform like Pardot or Hubspot, Constant Contact, Active Campaign or Send in Blue (to name only five of the many great providers), you can save time by creating a new campaign and copying across a SightMill email survey design.

Your customers will receive the email survey sent by your existing platform and the results show up in SightMill with all of its trend and thematic analysis tools to help you better understand your customers’ experience of your brand and products.

This SightMill feature works with any email platform that supports HTML email design and allows you to add in contact data using merge fields (both features are available on almost all email platforms).

We can do all the work for you – just get in touch and let us know the email platform you use and we’ll work up some designs for your approval.

And if you’d like to set it all up yourself, here’s how:

  • In SightMill, create a new Project and go to Project/Settings/Email Design to design your survey. You can access the raw HTML any time by clicking on the button in the editor tool bar. Alternatively, you can do the design in your email platform (you’ll still need to setup a new Project on SightMill though).
  • In SightMill, go to Project/Settings/Emails via Other Providers menu option and you’ll see we’ve provided the code for the core survey block for Salesforce/Pardot and for other providers. For example, if you’re using Constant Contact, click on the General tab and select and copy the code for the type of survey you want to use.
  • In your email platform, paste the code into your design
  • You’ll now need to insert the merge fields to provide the contact information back to SightMill. These vary by email platform but are normally a format such as {contact.firstname} or {}
  • In your email platform, edit the HTML of the survey and replace the default fields from SightMill that are enclosed in square brackets with your platform’s own merge fields. You’ll need to do this through the document.

You can now send a test email survey from your email platform and see the results in SightMill.

We can do all of this setup for you, so get in touch with your requirements.