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Acting on feedback improves customer happiness

SightMill makes it easy to gather customer satisfaction or employee engagement feedback using industry-standard NPS® (Net Promoter Score®) surveys.

  Quick, simple, effective. We make it easy for you to add NPS surveys to your website, send surveys via email or by SMS, deliver surveys at a training session, or survey your employees.

  Trusted by startups to global corporations, we're GDPR-compliant and ready to help you implement effective customer feedback or employee feedback. Take the tour.

Measure, analyze and act on feedback to improve customer happiness
Great value Net Promoter Score software from SightMill helps you gather, analyze and act on customer feedback

Easy to setup, high responding surveys

Gather customer feedback

Reach your customers effectively using NPS surveys delivered in your style, design, language, to your schedule, and through the channels that work for you.
  Start gathering feedback in minutes.
  You choose how and when to survey and let SightMill manage the process.

  • Website: add an NPS survey to any page of your website,
  • Email: send email NPS surveys,
  • SMS: send NPS surveys by SMS text message,
  • Events: get instant NPS feedback at training events,
  • Employees: send eNPS surveys to your employees.

SightMill Net Promoter Score survey shows customer feedback via email
Collect feedback with NPS surveys and html formatting via email
Add visitor feedback surveys to your website

Analyze to find out what really drives customer satisfaction

Analyze feedback

Discover what drives the customer experience and the real impact of changes in product, price, or engagement.
  Use our tools to segment your customers to understand each customer journey, categorise and see feedback themes from promoters and detractors of different products, customers with different sales reps, price points and much more.
  Identify words and phrases in comments, adding even more depth to your insight.
  And we automate all these processes to save you time and ensure you focus on improving customer satisfaction or employee engagement.

View customer feedback NPS survey results with detailed meta data

Software to help you act quickly on feedback

Act on feedback

Save time, act quickly - we automate routing feedback to the right team in real-time.
  There's a huge positive impact if you can respond and address detractor problems in real-time.
  Your teams see only the relevant feedback and can act immediately to improve customer experience.
  Add NPS surveys to your existing helpdesk, email or CRM system - we integrate with Zendesk, Salesforce, WordPress, Slack, and Zapier (so connecting to 100s of CRMs, email marketing tools, and platforms) to keep you connected.

Add Net Promoter Score surveys to email and CRM

Support for survey formats you need

How do NPS surveys work?

Use SightMill to send your customers a simple survey with a single question delivered by email, SMS, or on your website. Customers reply with a score and write feedback on your brand, product, or services. You view the results in real-time on your dashboard.


Start immediately with our templates, or customise with full control of design and style and a range of scheduling to make sure your surveys are delivered at the optimum time and format to suit your customer.

  • Great response rates with in-email surveys
  • Full control of design and style, or use our templates
  • Support for multiple languages and time-zones
  •
Customize email Net Promoter Score surveys


Quick and easy to add surveys to your website - with options for pop-ups with high response rates or tab-based surveys for less intrusive design, and each with full control over how you present the NPS question to suit your customer.

  • Easy to install website surveys
  • Full control over design and language
  • Range of styles to suit your customers
  •
Add Net Promoter Score surveys to email and CRM

SMS NPS Surveys

Reach your customers via their mobile phone with quick and simple SMS surveys using the NPS system. Simply upload your customer list and set a schedule.

  • High response rates straight to your customer
  • Easy and quick to setup
  • Full control over the text and language of surveys
  •
Send NPS surveys by SMS message


Designed to replace paper or email surveys after a training event or group session. High responding surveys taken via a delegate's smartphone, with no app to download.

  • High response rates
  • Full control over text and logo
  • Setup in minutes, ready to ask delegates for feedback
  •
Gather feedback from delegates with Net Promoter Score surveys


Get started with our employee eNPS email templates, or customise your own. View results by office or department, automatically identify themes and trends in text responses.

  • Anonymized email surveys
  • Get started fast with templates or take full control of design and style
  • Automatically identify themes in text responses
  •
Employee feedback surveys using eNPS by email

No tech skills required

You can get up and running in minutes without any technical skills.
(Though if you're a developer or tech expert, we provide you with tools and APIs.)

We'll help you get started

Our friendly on boarding team will help you get up and running in no time. Get in touch or schedule a demo.

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