Automatically Tag Customer Comments

November 2017

It's great to be able to release new features that really help you save time and can improve your understanding of what can help improve customer engagement. So we're delighted to launch our automated tagging feature that lets you setup rules to apply tags to customer feedback comments and verbatims. Sounds simple - and for any of our Net Promoter Score software users, it's a real time-saver!

Say you want to make sure that all verbatims that mention words like 'cost' or 'expensive' or 'good value' are tagged as 'price'. You can still do this manually via the SightMill dashboard and  applying the 'price' tag to every verbatim. Alternatively, use the new automated tagging feature and take two minutes to set up rules that will apply the tag 'price' to any customer comment that is submitted from your email, web or event survey campaigns.

You'll find the Auto Tagging feature in the Settings menu of your campaign projects - switch on the service and then enter your key words or phrases and the tag you want to apply.

This is just one use of the powerful tags feature - you can also apply tags manually from your dashboard, or apply tag directly using code from within your website or e-commerce store (for example, to tag by the product that a user has purchased or by the type of user).

Once you've started using tags to consistently identify responses or any other information about your users (such as region, segment, demographic, etc), you can then use the tags to view how your customer engagement is working at a micro level using the graphical analysis in the Trend tab of your dashboard. We've seen this work really well to track improvements in customer experience by using tags to identify how a lead was received; other setups include analyzing customer experience by product price point, by subscription length, by country and by sales region.