Using QR codes for customer feedback NPS surveys

Aug 2021

If you need a quick, convenient way to ask for feedback at a cafe, in a university class, at a gym, or even on a vending machine, then using a QR code to access customer NPS surveys could be the perfect solution.

Talking with our customers through the lockdown and then as we started to emerge, there was a great use case for accessing customer feedback surveys through a QR code… so we’ve added this feature and it’s available now in your account.

When a user scans the QR code with their smart phone camera, it will direct them to your survey page – it’s a customisable mobile-first survey that’s part of our offering for live events, workshops, training events, and classes.

Here's how to access QR codes to access your NPS surveys:

First, customise your survey to look the way you want – use Projects/Settings/Event Survey Design menu option. 

To generate your QR code for this survey, go to Projects/Settings/Event Survey Unique Code menu option and download the QR graphic.