NPS Surveys For Your Event or Conference

September 2017

We're delighted to release our Event NPS feature: specially designed to offer delegate feedback and Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys for events, training sessions, and conferences.

This new Event NPS feature provides mobile-first NPS surveys to deliver instant Net Promoter Score feedback from delegates attending your event, training session, or conference.

Designed for mobiles, and with no app to download, this new functionality helps event organizers gather, analyze and act on delegate feedback at the event. The entire survey process is completed in seconds and does away with paper surveys after the event, ensuring high response rates from delegates engaged in the event.

Using SightMill's tag feature, you can categorize feedback to help you analyze results by (for example) venue, by food supplier, by speaker, or by price point. And with multi-user access, event organizers could give read-only access to your speakers so they see verbatims immediately after their session.

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