Integrating with your existing applications using SightMill webhooks support

May 2018

We've had some great feedback on our integration tools that let you connect SightMill to a wide range of CRMs, applications and systems.

Out latest enhancement is to the webhooks API support. Webhooks is a very flexible and easy-to-use way of sending data between software products and is fast becoming a standard for SaaS products. We've supported this from launch, and have recently updated the service (thanks to a great suggestion from a user) which means you have the option to save contact information you send in to SightMill via a webhook. This means the contact will then be part of any ongoing scheduled surveys you carry out.

A typical example is linking the signup process of your website to send new users to SightMill via a webhook. The new user receives an NPS survey by email and their contact details are added to the data list. You can now setup a monthly email survey to go to all users in the data list. 

You'll find the settings for webhooks under the Webhooks menu option of a Survey Project's settings page. Just switch 'on' the save incoming data and select which data list it should use to store the information.

The most complex setups provide links between a CRM system such as Dynamics or Salesforce and SightMill. Typically, this is setup so that when a support ticket is closed on Salesforce, it sends the contact information to SightMill which sends out a personalised email survey. SightMill then records the responses and also updates the contact record back in Salesforce. This way, the user gets the advantage of the trend analysis tools of SightMill whilst maintaining a single view of customer in Salesforce.

All the settings to do this are provided as part of all the paid plans - you'll find detailed guides in our Help Center and the settings are per Survey Project under the 'Integration' menu.

I'd love to hear how you're using our integration features or any suggestions for new enhancements.