Keeping track of responses to customer feedback


August 2018

To help you track which team member has contacted your customers, we've added a couple of features that let you add a comment (for internal use only) to any customer feedback and to mark it as 'completed' if a team member has finished the follow-up.

Collecting customer feedback is the first important step, but once you have gathered the insight you need to act on it quickly and make sure that everyone in your teams knows who has contacted which customer. If you have a happy customer, there's no better way of annoying them than three separate team members each contacting them!

For example, if one of your customer service team members contacts an unhappy customer and offers them a different product or an upgrade, you can add this to your internal comments - or if your team is dealing with a problem or issue, you can add a comment and only tick the 'completed' box once you've resolved the issue.

It's a small extra feature, but this helps teams manage internal comms - and the idea came from one of our own customers!

To access this, click on the Verbatims tab of your SightMill dashboard and after each customer response you'll see a comment field and tick boxes.