Effective ways to collect feedback from your website visitors

June 2018

You’ve provided us with great feedback for new features and, as a result, I’m delighted to report that we’ve just released a couple of great new features that you’ve requested and really enhance NPS surveys on your website.

It’s been a busy lead-up to the start of summer here at SightMill and we have been enhancing our website feedback surveys and have introduced a new survey format and a new way of asking your website visitors for their feedback.

I described in a recent blog post our new email survey format that lets you use use icons, images or other graphics instead of the 0-10 score chart in your email surveys. 

We’ve now extended this format to our website survey format - giving you a choice of 0-10 NPS scoring or three smiley faces (that’s great when you want a quick snapshot of customer satisfaction, particularly in a consumer-facing website).

And to complement this, we’ve added a Tab display option - this displays a feedback tab that floats on the side of any page on your website; when the user clicks the tab, it opens up the web feedback form (and either 0-10 NPS scoring question or smiley face satisfaction icons).

>> Take a look at a demo of the new Tab feedback, featuring smiley faces.

>> Or see a demo of the popular pop-up NPS feedback panel that is displayed after a couple of seconds.

So now you can setup your website with either a pop-up panel that is great to request feedback, or a less intrusive tab that is always visible and can be used by your website visitors whenever they want to provide feedback.

How to setup:
If you’ve already installed the SightMill tracking code on your website, then you can manage the settings from your SightMill dashboard. To use either of these new features, go to your Project settings and select Web Design. You’ll see the first couple of options allow you choose the survey type and the display type.

Enjoy! And please let me know if you have any questions. I’d love to know how you’re using these.