Send NPS surveys to and from 1000s of software products

April 2019

Automate your surveys and save time! You’ve probably got a few (dozen) software products running in your company – perhaps a CRM, a helpdesk, order processing, spreadsheets, and so on. Wouldn’t it be great to link these to SightMill so you can automatically send out your Net Promoter Score surveys? 

Connecting SightMill directly to your business software will automate the process of sending surveys or receiving survey results – saving your time and effort. No more uploading CSV files, instead your NPS surveys can be generated and sent out automatically.

Automate: Connect your software to SightMill
The solution is to tightly integrate SightMill with other software. We support a range of different ways to link your software to SightMill and we already connect directly to Salesforce, Google Analytics, we let you email via HubSpot, Intercom, Pardot, and offer two APIs that let you seamlessly and easily connect to platforms such as Zendesk, Zoho, Slack, Trello and more. (Read more about webhooks API that provides a very flexible way to connect software to and from SightMill.)

Zapier connects to 1000s of software products
We’ve been working hard on developing new, enhanced ways to connect SightMill to other platforms and are delighted to launch our full-featured Zapier application. Zapier is a very popular (mostly free) enterprise-ready platform that acts as a translation layer to link 1000s of different software products – and now SightMill is part of this. We’re really excited about the possibilities this brings to any business.

We wanted more and one of the most popular ways to connect multiple different platforms is called Zapier – it’s a brilliantly-simple but incredibly powerful tool that links 100s of different software products. We’ve now developed a native tool that is part of the Zapier library of connectors, making it even easier to link SightMill to almost any other software.

What does it do? 
Our Zapier application lets you transfer data both to and from SightMill. This means that if someone responds to any type of SightMill survey, you can send the data to another application. Or, if you make a change to contact data on another application, the contact details can also be automatically sent to SightMill to trigger sending an email survey.

So what can I do with it? 
Here are some ways in which our existing users have implemented it to great effect:
  • Link Google Sheets to SightMill so that if you add any new customer to a list on Google Sheets it will trigger SightMill to send the new contact an NPS survey by email
  • Link SightMill to Google Sheets to automatically record all the incoming NPS scores in a separate spreadsheet
  • Link MailChimp to SightMill to automatically send any new MailChimp subscriber an NPS survey as part of the sign-up process
  • Link Zoho CRM to SightMill to automatically send an NPS survey to a customer who has just finished a customer support query logged on Zoho Desk
  • Link Microsoft Dynamics CRM to SightMill to send an NPS survey to customers placing a new order logged on the CRM
  • You can also support multiple steps:
  • Google sheets to SightMill to Google Sheets: if you add an email address to a contact list you maintain on Google Sheets, it sends the contact information to SightMill to send out an email NPS survey. When the customer responds, the NPS survey data is stored in a separate Google Sheets (as well as in SightMill)

How do I access the Zapier application?
The SightMill Zapier application is now available at for early release (it’s production-ready, but this means we and Zapier will monitor it carefully over the next month or so).

Want to get started? Just visit xxx and you can access the SightMill NPS application for Zapier. We’re really excited by the potential and would love to hear any comments or ways in which you’ve used the application to automate your workflow.