Using alternative NPS survey designs that engage with your customers

April 2018

When you send out an email to your customers, you want to make sure that it reflects your style, your brand and the type of audience you’re talking to. 

It’s well worth thinking about the same points when you send out an NPS or customer satisfaction survey to your customers. For a start, adding your logo or brand image to your NPS email surveys is a great way to reinforce your image, but also as a proof point that the email is relevant to the recipient (since they’re a user of your product or service).

It’s not just about branding: consider the format of the scoring itself. The standard format is the plain and well-recognised 0-10 NPS survey chart. 

It’s easy to understand, works well for most users and, because there are no images, it will display without any problems on all email software. But if you want a customer satisfaction survey that’s lighter touch, that’s aimed at consumer rather than business, or reflects a less formal style, you might want to think about an alternative way of representing the scale that makes more sense to your customer base.

For example, we've been working on a series of customer satisfaction templates that will help you engage and get a great response – and include smiley faces and color scales. You’ll find them in the Email Survey Design page of your Project’s settings. Click the ‘Templates’ button to view the growing list of templates.

And getting a great response rate to your survey is really important to ensure that you have a statistically significant number of responses that are representative of all your customer base - not just the outliers who love your product or have an issue to air.

The design of your survey plays a key part in the response rate you see and helps measure your customer sentiment. We've been working on a range of additional email templates that will help you deliver great-looking and high-performing surveys.

If you want to measure that customer satisfaction using the full NPS score (on the standard 0-10 scale), we offer a range of templates that include simple, plain emails through to formatted emails that include graphics and styling.

But you might want to measure customer satisfaction using a scale that's a little more accessible for your customers - perhaps using a color-coded scale (red to green) or smiley-face icons (unhappy to happy). We've got a range of templates that'll help you deliver customer satisfaction surveys using any of these feedback mechanisms.

Tech tip: All the email templates are coded using standard HTML, so if you're happy editing HTML you can create your own scoring range with images, icons or colours that fit your brand. The key element to retain is the [score0] to [score10] link that tells SightMill where to insert your survey's unique scoring code. Click on the <> button in the email editor to view and edit the HTML code.

As ever, we'd love to hear your feedback with how these have worked for you, or any changes we can make to help you succeed.