Growing Your Business Through Great Customer Service

February 2018

You’ve been focussed on establishing your business and now have regular customers, a great team who are passionate about your brand and products, and your sights set on growing to the next stage.

A good way to accelerate is to focus everyone in your company on customer service. If you can delight your customers, you will find that they soon become your best marketing channel and recommend you to others. 

Join the fastest-growing and most successful companies who adopt this customer-focussed approach to make sure that they beat their competitors.

To get started, you’ll need to do three things:
  1. Ensure everyone in your company understands the focus on customer satisfaction and is empowered to help solve customer problems.
  2. Regularly ask your customers what they think of your service or products
  3. Ensure you can act on this customer feedback quickly and so help improve customer satisfaction
We’d suggest tackling the first with a company-wide communications and passing customer feedback out to the teams as quickly as possible. Share results of what works (and what doesn’t) across your teams, so they are part of the drive to improve satisfaction.

For the second and third points, some of the most successful customer-centric companies regularly ask their customers for feedback, analyse and track the level of satisfaction, and act on the feedback as quickly as possible.

To manage all these actions, they adopt a survey methodology called Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s a very simple question that can then be analysed and helps you know which changes improve customer satisfaction and what causes problems.

SightMill is an effective software platform that helps you gather, analyse and act on customer feedback – using the industry-standard NPS survey framework.

"I'm really impressed how SightMill makes it so easy to get real-time customer feedback via our website."
Jonathan Mama, CEO, Skorch Outdoors

The Problem: How to Focus on Customer Feedback

You’ve been focussed on establishing your business and now have regular customers, a team, and your sights set on growing to the next stage. 

You know that you need to focus everyone in your company on customer satisfaction because if you can delight your customers, you will find that they soon become your best marketing channel and recommend you to others. 

You know you need to listen to customers, analyse what helps improve customer satisfaction and act quickly to resolve any problems.

Is there an established methodology and metric that you can easily implement to help you drive your company forward?

The Solution: Implementing Net Promoter Score Metric

SightMill works with the industry-standard Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework - that's used by almost every major company (and the brightest startups!) as a way of aligning the entire company around continuously improving customer experience and satisfaction. 

SightMill provides a range of solutions that suit SaaS, web-based, or offline companies of all sizes. 

Align your product development, sales, marketing, customer support and finance teams around NPS.

Improve Your Product with Customer Feedback
Add an NPS feedback survey to your product, application or website or start to email your growing customer base with regular NPS survey emails, all managed through SightMill. You’ll get instant, actionable feedback on your new developments: perhaps you have released new features or a new design and this feedback will help you iterate product development improvements.

Setting up SightMill's code on your website or app is as simple as installing Google Analytics - we provide all the instructions and from then on, design, text and workflow are managed from your SightMill dashboard. 

Setting up email surveys is easier still with our pre-made templates. Just upload your email list (or connect to your CRM) and you’re ready to go.

Actionable Feedback - Connect Your Team To Your Customers

A key part of gathering customer feedback is to ensure you act on it as soon as possible. Make sure your business and has tools to make this feedback actionable.

Perhaps you've setup your company to use a team tool such as Slack or a CRM. SightMill will send customer feedback to different teams to ensure they act on customer feedback in minutes. To help achieve this, it integrates directly with Slack and many CRMs, ensuring you can keep your teams informed of new feedback in real-time - so your responses reach customers sooner and help drive a great customer experience.

"Loved the links to Slack - our teams know instantly when there's customer feedback for their department."
Gordon Tees, CEO,

Constantly Improving Customer Satisfaction

If you continue to measure and act on customer feedback end-to-end across your company, then you'll see customer satisfaction improve and you'll know that each part of your business is supporting the overall improvements in customer experience. 

As you make changes - maybe new features, new design, pricing or support – you’ll see the impact of each on your customer satisfaction scores. You’ll know instantly what’s working well for your audience and what needs to change.

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