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Helping a Global Content Publisher Differentiate With Insight:

A large global publisher that delivers content-based solutions for professionals working in legal and accounting firms wanted to gather user feedback from its high-traffic online platform to help it continue to improve the customer experience.

Mini Case Study:

Website surveys: the published used SightMill's pop-up web surveys to gather feedback from customers after a particular feature of the platform had been used. The company used SightMill's ability to store meta data along with the NPS score and text to identify the user, the firm, product package and the history of the pages viewed. To make this as frictionless as possible for the user, the publisher used three smiley faces on the pop-up survey rather than the traditional 0-10 score.

This pop-up survey allowed the publisher to gather thousands of user feedback points within weeks of going live - the highest of any feedback mechanism it has used, and it forms one of the key databases as it analyses journeys and actions to continually improve user experience.

Implementation took a week for the publisher's development team to include the tracking code and populate it with the data about the user then carry out extensive testing before going live.

E-commerce: another global publisher has also deployed SightMill pop-up surveys within the e-commerce check-out process of its website. This has allowed it to gather feedback immediately after a customer interaction and so help improve checkout and conversions as it uses this with A/B testing of new adjustments of the checkout process.

SightMill Can Work For You

Like the example above, SightMill can help you achieve a similar holistic view of customer feedback to help you better understand customers and provide a great experience to differentiate you business in this very competitive market. We work closely with your teams and our software is very easy to setup and use (normally without any technical input) and we're always available to discuss campaigns, wording to improve response rates, or just to help you get started.

Contact us and we're always happy to arrange a call to chat through and help you get setup and started.

Data Privacy and Security

Like any business, your customer data and governance are paramount and we are happy to work with your compliance teams: our data centre is hosted on secure servers located in London, UK - ensuring we are GDPR-compliant and managed by Rackspace to ISO/IEC 27001 security management.

Helping you deliver a great customer feedback project

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We can help you deliver a great customer feedback project

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