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Helping Marketing Teams Listen To Their Customers:

Many of our customers are the marketing teams within a business. You're the team that's tasked with ensuring your company's vision is clearly communicated and normally also the team that owns the relationship with the customer.

It's incredibly important for your marketing department to be able to 'listen' to customer feedback and act on it to quickly correct problems and to amplify the message of advocates. But it needs to be a solution that can be customized to fit your branding, gives real-time results, and doesn't need the tech team to help you get started.

Mini Case Studies:

Email surveys: the marketing director of a large financial organisation wanted to listen to the voice of the customer to help him understand if the brand and communications resonated. After a procurement process, SightMill was integrated with Salesforce to regularly ask the customer base about the brand and in parallel to ask any customer who called in to the support team what they thought of the support team. This helped continue to refine the marketing message and to allow the customer support manager to continue to improve the service offered to customers calling within questions or problems.

Web surveys: the marketing director of a NY-based publishing business uses SightMill's web surveys to help her 'listen' more effectively to the customers and adjust the messaging on the website in response to the feedback. The feedback is routed around the company to ensure detractors are helped within minutes and to contact promoters to say thank you.

Email surveys: the marketing director of a Canadian manufacturing company uses SightMill's email surveys to regularly survey its resellers who had been identified as the key part of delivering great service to its end users. They worked on improving the support to resellers and providing a great customer experience for its resellers.

Email surveys: the marketing team of a UK based accountancy firm uses SightMill to send out surveys to its clients with each team running its own user profile to send personalised surveys to the team's portfolio of customers. This is integrated to its Salesforce CRM system that automates the process.

Email surveys: the marketing and HR directors of a technology company in the US and Scandinavia use SightMill to send out regular surveys to the employee base and to send surveys to new starters and leavers to help ensure there is a viral marketing effect in the market and to help the company continue to recruit the best talent in a competitive marketplace.

Web surveys: the marketing director of a large UK based housing website uses SightMill integrated into its website to help engage with the customer base and to help improve their web experience. They use the SightMill meta data and keyword identification to help segment user feedback by sentiment and to route this to either the product or the sales teams.

SightMill Can Work For You

Like the examples above, SightMill can help you achieve a similar holistic view of customer feedback to help you provide a great customer experience. We work closely with marketing teams and our software is very easy to setup and use (normally without any technical input) and we're always available to discuss campaigns, wording to improve response rates, or just to help you get started.

Contact us and we're always happy to arrange a call to chat through and help you get setup and started.

Main Features:

Branding: Our surveys are very flexible and email surveys can be fully branded to support your design guidelines and web surveys offer you full control over design and style.

Flexible: You can send surveys using SightMill or via your existing email provider (such as HubSpot, Intercom, Pardot, etc).

Connected: We talk nicely to CRM and Helpdesk systems - including quick links to Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk and 1000s more via our Zapier interface.

Quick Setup: On a tight deadline? We've helped most of our marketing customers get up and running within hours or days - normally it's sign-off on email wording or design approval that takes the most time.

Data Privacy and Security

Like any marketing team, your data and governance are paramount and we are happy to work with your compliance teams: our data centre is hosted on secure servers located in London, UK - ensuring we are GDPR-compliant and managed by Rackspace to ISO/IEC 27001 security management.

Helping you deliver a great customer feedback project

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We can help you deliver a great customer feedback project

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