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Helping Financial Organisations Improve Customer Satisfaction:

A large financial business, mainly offering financial spread betting, has ensured that customer satisfaction is a key driver of its business and used SightMill as a great way to connect its various customer touch-points.

Here's how they ensured that they could provide customers with a convenient low-friction way to give feedback after all interactions.

Mini Case Study:

Customer support: this financial business manages its customer support using Salesforce. It wanted to send an NPS survey after a support ticket was closed. This was achieved in just a couple of days using SightMill's built-in API integration for Salesforce. Now, when a support ticket is closed in Salesforce, this triggers SightMill to send the customer an email survey. Salesforce passes meta data about the customer, product, segment and sales rep to SightMill. When the customer responds, the score and free-text comments are stored in SightMill which also updates the customer record in Salesforce to provide a single view of customer. Time to implement was three weeks including Salesforce custom work on their side and user testing.

Email signatures: this business wanted to include as many ways to provide feedback so installed a low-impact feedback feature: a simple SightMill survey of three smiley faces (sad, neutral, happy) to the bottom of every email sent out. If the recipient of the email clicks on one of the smiley faces, this score is recorded in SightMill together with the customer email address. Time taken to implement was two weeks as the business uses Salesforce as its email server.

Website surveys: on some elements of its main platform, the business has used SightMill's website tab surveys to provide a low-impact route for customer feedback using a similar three smiley face approach used in emails. The meta data recorded with the score includes the user name and the web page, helping product development. Time taken to implement was days using the simple javascript tracking code.

SightMill Can Work For You

Like the example above, SightMill can help you achieve a similar holistic view of customer feedback to help you provide a great customer experience. We work closely with marketing teams and our software is very easy to setup and use (normally without any technical input) and we're always available to discuss campaigns, wording to improve response rates, or just to help you get started.

Contact us and we're always happy to arrange a call to chat through and help you get setup and started.

Data Privacy and Security

Like any financial business, your data and governance are paramount and we are happy to work with your compliance teams: our data centre is hosted on secure servers located in London, UK - ensuring we are GDPR-compliant and managed by Rackspace to ISO/IEC 27001 security management.

Helping you deliver a great customer feedback project

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We can help you deliver a great customer feedback project

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