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Helping a University Differentiate by Student Satisfaction:

A large university with more than 30,000 students at its central England campus wanted to make sure that it continued to provide the best student experience and wanted to implement a real-time feedback system focussing on student housing.

The university's housing is managed by an outsource provider which has on-site support and student help desk.

Mini Case Study:

The university implemented housing feedback by modifying the flexible SightMill email surveys to provide an 'ease' score (eg 'how easy was it for you to...').

The feedback is monitored in real-time on the SightMill dashboard with each support lead setup as a user; the supervisor receives email alerts on detractor comments to ensure that any issues are picked up and dealt with as quickly as possible.

The time to implement was one week for compliance and data security, then two days to setup and start running the email surveys.

As a separate project, the sports centre has used SightMill event feedback module to gather feedback after courses it runs (including first aid and fitness courses), allowing the sports centre to monitor and react to feedback after every course - helping always to improve the customer experience.

SightMill Can Work For You

Like the example above, SightMill can help you achieve a similar holistic view of student feedback to help you provide a great student experience and differentiate you institution in this very competitive market. We work closely with your teams and our software is very easy to setup and use (normally without any technical input) and we're always available to discuss campaigns, wording to improve response rates, or just to help you get started.

We understand the practical needs of educational institution and can offer billing to fit in with your academic year and your procurement process.

Contact us and we're always happy to arrange a call to chat through and help you get setup and started.

Data Privacy and Security

Like any business, your student data and governance are paramount and we are happy to work with your compliance teams: our data centre is hosted on secure servers located in London, UK - ensuring we are GDPR-compliant and managed by Rackspace to ISO/IEC 27001 security management.

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