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Helping Driving Schools Improve Learner Satisfaction:

A large driving school business within a global automobile organisation wanted to improve its understanding and service to its team of several thousand driving instructors. It wanted to use a format that went straight to the instructor, so chose SMS surveys; and it wanted to tie-in with its existing systems to automate the entire process.

Mini Case Study:

SMS surveys: the team at the central office of a large UK-based driving school setup the easy-to-use SMS surveys to run at times that worked best for the driving instructor to maximise the response rate. For the initial testing phase, it uploaded CSV files of the contact list and then automated this using the SightMill web hooks API support.

Time to deploy the initial test was within two days, giving the team incredibly fast setup and gathering results within days. SightMill then worked with the team over the next two weeks to help support more advanced automation features.

SightMill Can Work For You

Like the example above, SightMill can help you achieve a similar holistic view of customer feedback to help you provide a great customer experience. We work closely with marketing teams and our software is very easy to setup and use (normally without any technical input) and we're always available to discuss campaigns, wording to improve response rates, or just to help you get started.

Contact us and we're always happy to arrange a call to chat through and help you get setup and started.

Data Privacy and Security

Like any department, your data and governance are paramount and we are happy to work with your compliance teams: our data centre is hosted on secure servers located in London, UK - ensuring we are GDPR-compliant and managed by Rackspace to ISO/IEC 27001 security management.

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